What’s Brewing: The Best Breweries in the Wasatch

Some things in life just naturally go hand-in-hand.  Baseball and hot dogs. Macaroni and cheese. Movies and popcorn.  But none quite as dynamic as skiing and beer, an age-old combination that was destined to be in harmony.  Seriously, name a more iconic duo? I’ll wait. With microbreweries as hot as ever, we wanted to create a series that highlights our favorite breweries in each of our favorite ski towns.  Follow along and find out “What’s Brewing” in Ski Town, USA!

I know what you’re thinking, “Beer in Utah?”.  Why yes, some would even claim it’s the “Greatest Beer on Earth”, or wait was that the snow? Either way, the Wasatch range is the heart and soul of Utah and contrary to popular belief, the beer flows like water.  Park City and Salt Lake are home to numerous historic and up-and-coming microbreweries along with some of the best skiing North America has to offer. Whether you skied your ass off or dragged-ass down the hill, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cold beer to cap off your day. So get your aprés on and drink local!


Wasatch was the trailblazer behind the progression of Utah breweries, breaking down the walls of the traditional Mormon culture who frown upon drinking.  In 1986, the Wisconsinite, Greg Shirf opened up the state’s first microbrewery in Park City and has never looked back. Since it’s inception, Wasatch Brewery has made a name for itself by poking fun at the radical Mormon beliefs with their culturally controversial beer labels.  Take the Polygamy Porter for example, “Why Have Just One?”. Their fleet of high quality beers are now widely distributed across the country. With brewpubs located in both Park City and Salt Lake, there’s no excuse to not visit them after a day on the slopes! Try the Ghostrider, a 6% white IPA that’s crisp and smooth made with citrusy and barley hops.


Shortly after Wasatch paved the way for craft brewers, Squatters Brewery was opened by Peter Cole in downtown Salt Lake City.  The two have since then teamed up as “Sister Breweries” fighting the dichotomy of spirits in the mormon-centric community. They are best known for their impeccably balanced, hop-heavy double IPA called the “Hop Rising”.  Take notice of the head brewer, Jason Stock, pitching in on the label! New this year is a fresh spin on this classic DIPA, the Hop Rising Tropical. Stop in and try this fruit-forward concoction made with exotic hops!


Never prim. Always proper. That’s the motto over at Proper Brewing, one of Salt Lake City’s newest up-and-coming brew houses. Like games? You will be more than amused at their downtown location with pool, shuffleboard and the classic skeeball! Proper has made a name for themselves by producing unique, flavor-laden beers with the combination of unusual ingredients. Check out our favorite the Lei Effect, which pays homage to the Great Salt Lake. This gose-style beer has a uncommon flavor profile with notes of passionfruit, guava, coriander with a salty finish.


Fisher Brewing is a blast from the past, making a comeback in a brand new century.  The original A. Fisher Brewing Company was first opened in 1884 but then shut down during the Prohibition Era.  The Fisher family reopened the business in the mid-1900’s but soon sold it away to a company in California. But the great-great-grandson of Albert Fisher and three partners have brought Fisher Beer back to reality!   Located in the Granary District of Salt Lake City, this brewery specializes in small batch lagers and ales that you can buy in either a crowler or a growler. Stop in and enjoy our personal favorite, the Galaxy IPL. It pairs great with the local food trucks loitering outside!


“Kiitos” means to give thanks in the Finnish language and that’s this brewery’s motto.  Gratitude is the name of the game at Kiitos, one of Salt Lake City’s best new spots. We are obsessed with their armada of India Pale Ales, which are all manufactured with a unique top!  Northeast style IPA’s are all the rage these days capturing the hearts and taste buds of beer connoisseurs worldwide. Try the Kiitos take on this hazy, unfiltered gem of a beverage! P.S – If you classify yourself as a “Pinball Wizard”, put your money where your mouth is at their game-centric brewpub.

On a Brewery Tour with a Non-Beer Lover?
Try Old Town Cellars!

In every group there’s a party-pooper that doesn’t drink beer.  Sometimes it can be a buzzkill but in this case, it’s a pure blessing in surprise!  Make a stop at Park City’s locally-owned Old Town Cellars – “The Official Wine of aprés”.  I mean…Rosé on draft? Yes, please. Their mountain-casual ambiance paired with quality-crafted blends will keep the whole crew satisfied!

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