Unlimited Ski & Snowboard Tracking – SNOCRU Season Pass

With a legendary winter out west and a storm finally dumping on the East Coast, it’s time to track your days with SNOCRU — the award-winning ski and snowboard tracking app.

SNOCRU makes it easy to call your CRU to the shack for a safety sesh, challenge friends to speed duels, and compete for world domination on the Leaderboard. Skiers and snowboarders like Julian Carr, Kalen Thorien and Brock Butterfield use it to track vital stats like Vertical Descent, Top Speed, and Number of Runs while they win Badges and knock off Challenges.

You can download SNOCRU for free on the App Store or Google Play without having to create an account, but if you want to get unlimited tracking and have a chance in our Freeskier Shred Rank or Ski The East Leaderboard Comps — upgrade to Season Pass.

Freeskier Magazine Shred Rank 


Right now people are fighting for the top spot on the Freeskier Shred Rank Leaderboard —  a king-of-the-mountain battle for 2016 that could win you fame and fortune.

On top of the recognition that comes with being at the top of the pack  on the Freeskier Magazine website, the top 3 shredders win a killer prize package —  including an Apple Watch (we have an app for that!), SNOCRU gear and a pair Fischer Skis at the end of the season.
If you really want to compete, upgrade from our free version and get unlimited tracks with SNOCRU Season Pass.

Ski The East Leaderboard

ski the east leaderboard

Think you shred harder than everyone else on the East Coast? Prove it on Ski The East Leaderboard.

Every month while it’s running, the person with the most vertical descent will win an Apple Watch AND every week, you can dominate your friends in front of the whole internet.

The free version of SNOCRU doesn’t come with unlimited tracks, so if you want to show up the rest of the East Coast you need to get your Season Pass.

Upgrade to Season Pass


Only SNOCRU Season Pass holders with unlimited tracks have a real chance at winning the 2016 Freeskier Mag Shred Rank and Ski The East Leaderboard Comps.

Making the upgrade to Season Pass for $9.99 a year gives you unlimited tracks, industry pro deals with companies like Freeskier Magazine and Kingfisher Heliskiing, and gets rid of the ads in the free version.

$9.99 a year… That’s less than a 24-pack of PBR for a whole year of unlimited tracking, eternal bragging rights and the chance at winning some sick gear this winter.

What are you waiting for?

Download For Free & Upgrade for Unlimited Tracks

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