The Austin Lamoreaux Interview

We are extremely excited to welcome Austin Lamoraeux to the SNOCRU team. Austin, like the majority of the SNOCRU family is an east coast transplant living here in Utah. Austin captures snowboarding from both sides of the lens which gives him a unique eye for features and angles that some riders never think about. Being the youngest member of the team we look forward to making Austin test all the jumps and sit in the middle seat on team trips. Seriously though, Austin is an extremely talented rider with a ton of motivation, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for this season!  Make sure you follow him so you don’t miss any of the action!

Welcome to the Team Austin! How’s the Winter been treating you so far?

Thank you, winter has so far been going good.  Cant complain one bit, been trying to get the legs back and ready for a busy season.

Let’s talk about your fanboy days…Who inspired you to pursue a career in snowboarding?

Wow, this is a heavy one.  I grew up studying snowboarding and I always loved watching someone stand out because of their style.  I thought that snowboarding was more about how you made it look vs what tricks you were able to do.  I always loved watching Ron Chiodi snowboard and then around the age of 12 was able to move onto his couch and board with him on the daily in Vermont.  Ron always had more of an aggressive style, and also has a cover of Transworld doing an Insane back 360 Stale-fish.

Another Inspiration was Aaron Biittner, A clip I will never forget is this shot in a Mack Dawg Productions film called “Follow Me Around” he does a switch front board, and then the next shot is a switch front 50-50 on a down flat down.  Between Aarons switch rail game and his backside 180s he was definitely on my list of inspirations. 

Other than those guys the list goes forever!  I have a lot of inspirations.

Photos by: Andrew Kooyman

Where did you grow up riding and how has it molded you into the snowboarder you are today?

So I grew up in Pennsylvania and would snowboard at a variety of mountains in the Pocono’s, but spent most my time at Big Boulder.  Once I got to middle school I started leaving school for weeks or even months at a time and moved to Vermont.  I spent my days Snowboarding at Mount Snow in southern Vermont, and at night doing a bunch of homework to keep those grades up.    Growing up riding the east coast taught me how to ride simply pure ice, which I don’t miss in any way. 

We know you occupy Big Cottonwood Canyon nowadays but where would you live if you were forced to move?

Thats a good question, honestly I like Utah to much so probably right on over to Little Cottonwood Canyon, however if I need to make a big move it would be to Switzerland.St. Moritz is so rad and just a little ski village in the middle of the Alps with terrific public transportation to get you anywhere you have to go.

Do you have any big trips planned for this Winter?

Not to many planned yet, however I do want to make it over to Finland and film some stuff.

What projects are on the horizon?

As of right now, kinda trying to get my own project rolling. 

Ok now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s break it down…

It’s an all-time afternoon and you are able to squeeze one last run in on the gondola.  The lift breaks down and you have to stay in there overnight.  Which 3 people (friends, celebrities, athletes) would you want stuck on it with you?

This sounds like it would be an interesting night, I would say my Dad for sure, he is an engineer and always finds insane ways to get out of stuff.  My girlfriend Emily because she would keep me from freaking out, and one of my Filmer homies, because it sounds like something interesting to document. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen from the chairlift?

Man, growing up riding the Poconos I’ve seen some funny stuff.  Mostly people uncontrollably straight lining until they explode.   However there was this one time someone on the chair infront of me had step in bindings and he tried stepping his back foot in, well when he tried that he actually unclipped his front foot and let his board fall.  Not sure if thats weird or just funny. 

We give you a 5’er and send you over to the jukebox…what are the first five songs we will hear?

This is a good one… Lost of 90s/2000s hip hop.

– Full Clip (Gang star)

– Juicy (biggie)

– The Watcher (Dr. Dre)

– The truth (Beanie Sigel)

– The Key ( Styles P)

If you could only choose one pocket snack to chow down for the rest of your life what would it be?

Fruit Roll- ups

Do you believe in Bigfoot?


If you were running in the Iditarod which famous dogs would you choose to be on your team?

I would just pick English bull dogs and have the slowest dog sled ever. 

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