SNOCRU Improved Functionality!

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Your favorite Snowsports App just got even better with a fresh version of SNOCRU 3.0!  The new app features a revised user interface design, including a more accessible navigation bar throughout the app to improve usability, as well as new functionality that integrated heatmap technology from recent acquisition of Fluri.  We are also STOKED to announce new track sharing options and an improved DAYCRU functionality for you to stay connected with your fellow Powderhounds!

sharedimg_03aImproved Track Sharing


WE want YOU to share your stoke!  SNOCRU’s new app update makes sharing your tracks even more interactive!  Now you can easily share your pictures with a stats overlay!

560fd497-5e06-4ac2-863d-10da186d2f45Heat Mapping Technology 


SNOCRU has now integrated a new heat mapping technology to our tracking options!  Are you a speed demon?  You will love this new interactive feature that tracks where you are going your fastest!

Fluri Mapping Integrationslack-for-ios-upload


With the new acquisition of the Fluri App, our mapping technology gives a whole new meaning to ‘Turning the Mountains On’!  Users will now be able to access the ‘Near Me’ feature using our new game-changing trail map technology.  Easily locate bars, hotels, restaurants and more in real-time!

Upgradesno_daycru_list_01d DAYCRU Feature

Be the King of the Mountain this Season with our polished DAYCRU functionality!  DAYCRU is a feature that allows users to track alongside each other in real-time, and compete in friendly challenges throughout the day.   Our new app update makes starting a DAYCRU challenge easier than ever with an improved design interface!


Download SNOCRU to see what all of the hype is about!

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