Après All Day with The Roadie ShotzSki!

Even though skiers are all about ditching friends on powder days – friends don’t let friends drink alone. The shot ski is a classic ski town tradition that is not to be passed up on.  (Remember, it’s not peer pressure…it’s just your turn.)  Invented by the Austrians and embraced by the Americans, this binge drinking vehicle is found at most worthy ski town bars.  Built to encourage bonding, the shotski is a must have at any Party Mountain event. There’s just something about the combination of skis and simultaneous beverage consumption that really brings out the camaraderie.

For this Month’s gear review, we put the Roadie ShotzSki to the test!  What better time to break it in than at Park City’s Gaper Day Party?

While homemade shotskis have a unique character and charm, most can be quite janky and cumbersome.  The Idaho-based company, Shotzski, have solved our problems with the Roadie Shotzski.  Après can last all day with this Bad Larry!  These skis can be easily folded with their recycled boot clamps and are the perfect size to be strapped into any backpack or stowed in any backseat.

What makes the Shotzski even more convenient are the detachable, boot-shaped shot glasses.  These light-weight, plastic vessels are attached via an effortless binding system.  Let’s be real – nobody appreciates a sticky shot glass that tastes like old Fireball.  These can be easily removed and washed which will keep your shotzski clean as a whistle!  Also, the Evil Elf added a personal touch with the labeled levels of ability.  Don’t be caught on a double-black chugging a glass a whiskey. Remember- pace yourself, it’s all about the drinkability!

Shotzski has a style and ski for everyone! Don’t see one that you like?  The Evil Elf will create a custom, hand-built shotzski for you!  Get the party started and create yours at http://www.shotzski.com!

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