Pret Helmets: Safety Made Steezy

pret side by side
We know you ski hard – that means you need a helmet that will compliment your capabilities! A skier’s helmet may be the most important piece of equipment you can purchase and there are a lot of options out there. But we want you to ski with the best gear available to protect that precious noggin of yours! With that being said, we also want you to look good while doing it!  That’s why Pret Helmets should be on your radar.  
Pret prides their construction on being lighter and having a lower profile than their competitors while incorporating the most cutting-edge protection technology.   Learn more about why these killer products are Athlete-tested, SNOCRU Approved.


mips helmet technology



Most of Pret’s helmets are equipped with MIPS – short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.  MIPS is a state-of-the-art technology that protects against rotational force to the brain caused by angled impacts. This low friction layer inside your helmet allows it to slide relative to your head while absorbing more of the rotational violence. Helmets that are armed with MIPS are shown to reduce the sudden strain on the brain tissue and may reduce the severity of injury!
recco avalanche


Pret utilizes Recco technology in most of their new helmets which acts as an avalanche emergency reflector.  While Recco should not be an alternative to a transceiver in the backcountry, it is a complementary device that makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident!
pret ventilation


It’s all about the breathability on the mountain and Pret knows what’s up!  They now offer 4 levels of ventilation technology in their helmets that is compatible for any skier.  With adjustable vents, these helmets can adapt to your environment and activity!


Now we know that image is an important factor for most skiers and snowboarders.  Fear not- Pret makes helmets that are stylish and transparent! These helmets are known for having a low-profile and a light-weight design that won’t drag you down on the hill.  Most importantly, they are designed to protect against the infamous “Gaper Gap”.  If you don’t know what this is let us show you:
gaper helmet gap
Not only is the Gaper Gap considered social suicide, it is impractical.  Do you like brain freezes? Didn’t think so.  Pret’s helmets are designed to match the curvature of most of the popular goggle frames which eliminates the gap and allows efficient venting of their goggle venting system.


pret helmet tan


You asked for breathability and Pret delivered!  The Cirque X is constructed with an all new VTT4 Ventilation Technology which makes it perfect for any condition!  This helmet uses front and rear ventilation that allows fresh air in and expels warm, moist air out the back. The Cirque gives you total control over the amount of airflow with a switch at the top and is also equipped with goggle vents to prevent fogging!  Pret’s Advanced Composite Technology keeps the Cirque lightweight while providing protection where you need it.  This helmet is perfect for touring adventures where ventilation and weight are key!
pret helmet black


The Cynic X is the low profile, high impact helmet that any style of skier is dreaming of! Years of oversized, overweight, and plain old ugly helmets turned a lot of people off the idea of head protection.  The Cynic X destroys helmet stereotypes and then some! This is the lightest, most stylish helmet on the market and with its MIPS technology it will protect you from scrambling your egg without loosing any style points in the lift line!


rob pret helmet
“I’ve worn a Pret helmet for 4 years now and swear by them! Having endured several concussions from skiing and a bad car accident, the MIPS system is a must for trusting the best protection for my dome.” – Rob Aseltine, Professional Skier
Giray Dhali - Pret SNOCRU helmet
“Before using these helmets with the turn knob adjustment for head size, I looked like a bobble head out there. I legit have an edit where I adjust my helmet between every single rail. Now, I can actually focus on my skiing instead of my vision!”- Giray Dadali, Professional Skier
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