ShredRank – Ski for Freeskier Glory

We teamed up with Freeskier Magazine to unleash ShredRank on the world — a king-of-the-mountain battle for 2016 that could get your name on the Freeskier Website.

Think you can hang? We’ll see about that. Start tracking your days using SNOCRU and get some points on the board. The Shred Rank leaderboard lives on Freeskier Magazine’s website and the whole world of skiing is gunning for you.

On top of the glory that comes from ruling the Freeskier Shred Rank Leaderboard, the top 3 shredders get super legit prize package, including an Apple Watch, SNOCRU gear and a pair Fischer Skis at the end of the season.

There are 5 ways you can rule the Freeskier Shred Rank. Check em’ out.

1. Vertical Descent – Whether you’re earning your turns, riding chairs or savoring heli runs, the descent boosts your score.

2. Top Speed – 50, 60, 80 mph? Track your top speed on your favorite run and try to beat all the other speed junkies.

3. #of Runs – Hot laps anyone? Get the most out of groomer days and see how many times your legs get you from top to bottom.

4. Check Ins – Whether you’re shredding close to home or in the Swiss Alps, check in to your resort for credit.

5. Ski Days – Have to be at work by 11 and only have time for a few runs? Doesn’t matter, had pow. Every day counts.


Well, what are you waiting for? Start tracking your runs and get your name on the Freeskier Shred Rank Leaderboard.

Download SNOCRU Here

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