The Mitchell Brower Interview

Hometown:  Provo, Utah

Age: 27

Sponsors: SNOCRU, Atomic, Saga, Spy

Mitchell Brower is the real deal.  We’ve gotta say – it’s hard to find a more stylish skier than this kid.  But we aren’t his only fans – Mitchell took the title of Level 1’s Superunknown X1, landing him a segment in their 2015 flick “Small World”! When he is not filming segments for Level 1 Productions, you can find him slaying the Wasatch or choking on powder in Japan!  His organic style, pure personality and love of skiing makes him a true gem in this industry.  We caught up with this badass to find out what’s next on his plate!

Q: You grew up here in Utah – what has changed the most about skiing in the Wasatch?

A: Luckily it has stayed pretty much the same, only a bit more crowded now. Also, I’ve noticed in the past few years that there are more young skiers up at Alta and Snowbird that are hitting jumps and doing tricks on the mountain instead of being just park rats.  Its pretty cool!

Q: We gotta say we love your ski style! Who influenced you growing up?

A: I was always influenced by my older brother Kevin and the skiers in the old Atomic movie: “44 days”  I loved watching people land switch in powder and do styley tricks.

PC: Aiden Ulrich

Q:When was the point in your life when you realized that skiing could be your career?

A: Haven’t gotten to that point yet… Haha. Despite the awesome support we get from sponosrs, most “pro” skiers like me work hard when we are not skiiing so that we can afford to ski. I’m lucky enough right now to be working in an engineering company that allows me the time to continue skiing.  

Q: You had quite the year in 2015 – graduating from college, getting married, filming with Level 1, The Coterie, and The Brothers Brower – have things mellowed out for ya?

A: Haha that was a crazy year! Things have mellowed out a little, but mainly they have just shifted and I am now putting my focus on my wife Emmie, my business, and my new Film Project.

Q: What projects are you working on this season?

A: This season, I teamed up with filmer Jacob Callaghan and skiers Nicky Keefer and Jonah Williams.  We are called ‘Digital Style’ and will be releasing 2 edits this year.  It’s really fun to have a low pressure setting to film skiing with friends.

Q: How was your Japanuary?

A: Japan is quite a fun place to be without even skiing.  On top of that, we timed a 5 day storm perfectly and we all skied many runs in some of the deepest snow any of us had experienced.  We stayed at an awesome place called ‘Japow House’ the first week of our trip, where we would wake up to over a foot of new snow every morning and walk to the resort and ski all day.  The second week we stayed at the lavish ‘Rusutsu Resort’ and enjoyed deep snow, onsens, and lots of all-you-can-eat sushi.

Q: Is japow really better than Utah’s champagne powder?

A: Tough to say, The powder is amazing in both places.

Q: Utah has had quite the snow season so far!  Have you been out there getting after it?

A: It has been so wild how much powder we have skied this year!

Q: It’s a fresh powder day in the Wasatch. Where are you skiing and who are you with?

A: Alta/Snowbird with my dad and 3 brothers, or…  I know there will always be a bunch of homies up lapping Wild Cat chair, so i cruise up and ski with whoever is there!

Q: Have you ever lived in any other ski destinations? If not, where would be your next choice?

A: I have always been in Utah, but Japan or Whistler could be fun!

Q: Who are you stoked on in skiing right now?

A: Jonah Williams.

Q: We want to know what you’re listening to that makes you go so BIG! What is on your top ski playlist?

A: I never listen to music while I ski, but I love listening as i drive home from a good day of skiing!

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