Intuition Liners: The Game-Changer of Your Ski Season

We’ve all been there.  The snow is deep and the stoke is high…until shin bang, cold feet, jammed toes or a combination of all three starts cramping your style.  There’s nothing quite like numb toes slamming into cold plastic when you are skiing your hardest. You try to fight through it but at a point, you have to throw in the towel and head for a beer break.  While every avid skier – no matter the setup – can attest to having bad boot days and black toes, there are some pro steps you can take to improve your overall ski experience. Perfecting the right boot fit is an intricate art form that takes time and energy to maintain. Some obvious solutions include buying boots with the right size and stiffness and spending the extra dollars on custom footbeds.  But the ultimate cheat code for punching your ticket out of ski boot hell is investing in some heat-moldable custom liners. We suggest the most trusted option in the game – Intuition Liners.


Let’s be honest – your friends are just as sick of listening to you whine about your ski boots as you are.  If you want to keep your ski buds, it’s time to make a change. First off, get rid of your stock liners.  The stock liners that come with most boots are low-quality and typically won’t fit your foot perfectly which creates space within your boot.  When your ski boots fit well, all the energy from your legs will transfer into your skis fluidly. If there is space, your foot will have to shift in the boot before the energy is transferred to your ski. This is no bueno.  It can make skiing feel like driving a tractor-trailer with bald tires and no power steering.  Regardless of your ski performance – it can also cause shin bang, cold feet, pressure points, black toes and possibly even the loss of pleasure in skiing.

Good thing for all of us there is a solution, Intuition Liners.  Since 1992, they’ve revolutionized ski boot technology with the emergence of their heat-moldable custom liners.  Intuition uses a closed-cell foam with a variety of density options in it’s liners which is designed to improve elasticity, resilience, temper and toughness.  The raw materials used within these liners create an unparalleled quality that translates into a higher performance and comfort. The Intuition Advantage includes:

  • Durability: added warmth and comfort
  • Lightweight: Heat Moldable 
  • Excellent Memory: Low shrinkage when heated, shaped and cooled
  • Re-moldable: High bond strength, Non-toxic, and does not absorb water


First off – be honest with yourself.  If you ski 5 days a year at an intermediate level, you don’t need to sacrifice any comfort or warmth for the highest performance liner.  Your boots will tell you a lot about the liner you will need as well. How much room you have in your boot and the style of the boot themselves will help you determine the right style and size.  A higher volume liner can help take up any of that extra wiggle room in your shells while a lower volume liner can give you those extra millimeters you need for your feet to breathe.  Intuition offers a variety of liners that include different levels of stiffness whether you want more of a medium or hard flex based on your ski style. Some of the medium flex options include the Dreamliner, Luxury, Alpine, Godiva, Pro Tour, or Universal.  While some of the harder flex styles include the Plug, Power Wrap, Pro Wrap, Pro Tongue, Race HD, Plug Race. If you have a trusted local bootfitter, we recommend you stop in and see what your options are and get them heat molded by a professional.



The Power Wrap liners are a cult classic. One of the original models loved by the “hard cores”. They upgrade performance, and fit in most shells. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level skiers and riders who want to stiffen up their shells. A high-density, medium thickness, wrap style liner with reinforced cuff wrap overlay to add volume and stiffness, while providing maximum support and heel hold.


The Pro Wrap liners are part of the the Power Wrap Series, and are an excellent option if you require the medium body thickness of the original Power Wrap, but are looking for more room in the foot and toe box area. A high-density, medium thickness, wrap style liner with reinforced cuff wrap for additional stiffness. Featuring a 2mm Strobel sole, with removable 7mm foam insole for easy volume adjustment and a roomy toe box.

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