Introducing SNOCRU 4.0!

Your favorite snowsports app just got even better! We are very proud to announce the release of SNOCRU 4.0, available on IOS and Google Play!  SNOCRU has been the leading snowsports app and we are excited to continue to grow with new features and updated technology.  Our update features a whole new look and feel with a completely redesigned user interface and new functionality!  Find out why SNOCRU 4.0 is gonna make this Winter the best ski season yet!

Animated Track Share!

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One of the most exciting new features of SNOCRU 4.0 is our animated track share!  This new functionality gives users an interactive way to share their day on the mountain. The animated track share, exclusively for season pass holders, allows users to share their day with more context through text, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Individual Run Stats!

SNOCRU 4.0 has made tracking your day on the mountain next level!  We are excited to now give you your individual stats for each run you make on the hill.  Now you can find out when and where you went your fastest and which runs gave you the most vertical feet!

Integration with Apple HealthKit!

SNOCRU is now integrated with Apple HealthKit!  You can now track how many calories you burned on the mountain.  Perfect for measuring how many beers you are allowed to have at the apres!

Earn Badges!

SNOCRU Badges are back!  Earn Badges by performing certain activities in the app and compare & compete with your CRU via the Leaderboards!  Check in to a new resort? Collect a Newbie Badge!  Find the hottest bar using your Near Me feature?  Earn the Apres Badge!



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