Introducing Rylo: The 360° Action Camera Built For Any Adventure

Move over GoPro – there’s a new action camera in town.  Rylo is the newest model of 360° cameras and is changing the way we shoot and edit videos!  We had the opportunity to test out this innovative camera this Spring and were thoroughly impressed by the ease of use and state of the art software! Released in October by two former Instagram/Apple employees, Alex Karpenko and Chris Cunningham, this tiny camera is already making a big splash in the pool of action sports.  

The best thing about the Rylo? You don’t have to be a pro with your camera skills. The 360 degree filming capability coupled with cutting-edge software allows you to always get the shot! The biggest feature that makes this camera a game-changer is the ability to manipulate the video and create a follow-cam that locks onto people or areas after you shoot.  Whether you are filming a ski day on the hill, a mountain bike run, or your kid’s soccer game – this camera was made for you.


Rylo’s dual lenses each capture 208°equivalent to a 7mm wide-angle lens on a traditional camera!  Film and share a 360 degree video in 4K resolution while never missing an angle. Easily switch functions on the camera from 360, 180 and photo mode!


Don’t worry about keeping your camera steady.  Rylo features an integrated horizon-leveling technology that will lock in your angles and keep your videos looking smooth!


Easily connect to your phone with included sync cable to edit and share your pictures and videos in the moment!


The most impressive part of the Rylo is their innovative software and video-editing capabilities.  They have an easy-to-use app where you can instantly edit and share your content. Once you record your videos, plug your Rylo in to your iPhone or Android and play around with your videos.  Make pro-level videos with an array of editing options right on your app. Seamlessly save to your camera roll where you can upload them to any social media platform!

Single-Tap Directing and Follow-Cam Capabilities

Edit your videos easily by directing the view with a single tap.  Along the video you can change the angle to lock on to a person where it will follow them until you swipe away!  This is the ultimate tool for skiing clips. Follow your friends and lock on to them throughout the video while they hit features and carve down the trail!

FrontBack Editing

Rylo allows you add two views to your videos with it’s Frontback editing tool!  Add your facial expressions in a bubble on your video or break the screen into equal parts.

Trim, Tune, and Crop.

Perfect your content with the Rylo app by trimming, tuning and cropping your videos.  Great for cutting out the awkward faceshots while turning the camera on and for changing the contrasts and lighting!

Bluetooth Remote Capture

Bluetooth remote capture lets you start/stop a recording, capture a photo, and change the camera mode wirelessly right from the Rylo app!

Speed Control and 180 Degree Blur

Make cool timelapses with the speed control feature!  With the new update, you can now make 180 degree blurred videos.  Perfect for driving up the canyon!

Tiny Planet!

Zoom out on your 360 videos and make yourself look like you are on a tiny planet!

Ski, Bike, Adventure with Rylo!

We had the pleasure of testing out this new action camera in a couple different activities and were stoked on the quality of video and ease of use!  Rylo is a game-changer for any adventure. The battery life is true to it’s word and can be used for about an hour of continuous activity. The camera comes with an everyday case but we would highly recommend investing in the Adventure Case!  We took it on a wet and wild boat ride along the Na Pali Coast and can vouch for it’s water-resistancy. We are stoked to bring this along in all our Summer and Winter activities!

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