An Interview With Some Guy’s Brother.

We sat down with SNOCRU Athlete Giray Dadali- better known as Ahmet’s Brother – and talked about the state of skiing, his blooming touring company and his all-time powder day posse!  Giray is a classic, East Coast park skier who spread his wings westward in the search for that champagne powder.   He found it here in Little Cottonwood and most likely goes bigger than thou.

Q: How’s the Winter treating you so far?

A: We have an abundance of snow here in Utah this early season, and it wasn’t all spoiled on the holiday season crowds! So it’s great.

Q: You were involved in quite a few projects this past year, what’s on the calendar for this season?

A: I haven’t had a calendar when it comes to skiing in years. I think you have to be as dynamic as the Winter is and open to any opportunities that come at the right time in terms of snow. Any time I’ve planned a trip, the weather shuts us down and leaves us to ski at a high level in sub-standard snow.

The only plan i have is to try to stay healthy.

Q: Last time we caught up with you, your company Daymaker Touring was just taking off.  After a year in the game, how’s it going?

A: It’s exciting! It’s also very stressful as most people running a business could imagine. But myself and Chris Trunek are stoked to have our heads to the grindstone over something that we are passionate about.  The new, redesigned adapters will be shipping to customers at the end of January so hopefully all the snow snakes are covered for them by then.

Q: You been in the ski industry for a while now.  Do you miss “the good ole’ days’  or do you think that the state of skiing is the best it’s ever been?

A: Haha, well now that Trump is about to be President, Skiing WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!!! I do miss parts of the good ole days. I’m also glad that some people recognize what made skiing so free and opportunistic as a child. Andy Parry is working hard to recreate that nostalgia with the Tell A Friend Tour, where kids can buy cheap lift tickets and win some decent cash without a USSA membership or point systems.

But the media is at an all-time low. It’s mostly gone to edits and insta-updates. The stoke of downloading a trailer for a full day before catching a glimpse of what was done that season is all gone. The world is more focused on instant gratification more so than it ever has been. Hell, people are watching Instagram vids during the latest ski movie release because of our incredibly short attention spans and need for constant stimuli.

As for the level of skiing, and utilizing skis as more than just a tool to hurl yourself– it’s beautiful, it’s calculated, it’s an extension of the body… it’s all time.

Photo Cred: Doug Marshall 

Q: Little Cottonwood has gotten pretty crowded in the past few years.  How do you deal with the crowds when you’re out there with a job to do?

A: Hmmm which job? When it comes to Daymaker Touring, I take advantage of it! Chit chat, hand out cards, hitchike up the canyon and promote the product to strangers. There is more people skiing than ever before, and more opportunity than ever before.

As for my skiing, it’s quite annoying. You can’t beat someone to a jump spot because they hit it during the storm. You can’t get that epic shot of beating that avalanche down the mountain because someone already got caught in it.

Q: Do you have any pre-set age where you might “call it” on being a pro and let your body try to recover?

A: I’ve called it on being a pro 4 years ago. I just do this because I love it. My body is done, it’s a constant game of SLVSH against my younger self.

Q: You coach freestyle for some young groms up Little Cottonwood.  What’s the biggest difference between the kids of today and you’re friends growing up?

A:  Environment and Resources. When I was a child we tried to ollie a stump or hike up the side of the trail dugout by an excavator and tried to ski it when the snowgun pointed the wrong direction and happened to fill its 30ft face in, whereas these boys have a 3,000ft raw mountain with 500 inches of snow.

They also have a full scope of the current scene, what skiing is, has been, but not necessarily what it can become. There’s less hope right now, and more catchup and measuring. We grew up in an age of hurling ourselves into the abyss, discovering new tricks everyday and less to compare to.

But whenever I say this, I think to people like ‘The Bunch’, who created a new way to ski in a ski world that we thought was tapped. New-school isn’t Aerials or Mogul skiing because of a “counter-culture”. Which isn’t a counter culture at all, it is THE culture. It’s always “new-school skiing”. And for something to be “new-school skiing”, we must innovate constantly. It’s inevitable. And the strict comp scene will always be regarded as the actual “counter culture”.

Okay this isn’t “The View”- Let’s get to some real questions.

Photo Cred: Rob Aseltine

Q: So push comes to shove – who do your parents like better you or your brother?

A. I don’t think parents can like one child more than the other. At times they might like what their child is doing more than the other.

Q: What’s your favorite hobby off the mountain?

A: Sand Volleyball.

Q: Growing up, who did you idolize?  Since being pro, have you gotten to ski with your childhood man-crush?

A: There were 3 main guys — Dave Crichton, Tanner Hall, and Candide Thovex. I’ve never skied with Candide but I’ve been out there with Dave and Tanner and it’s about as cool as it gets.

Q: Blondes or Brunettes?

A: With Dying hair, All blondes can become brunettes and all brunettes can become blondes….  You never know what you’re really getting!

Q: Whiskey or Wine?

A: Depends on the occasion of course. But maybe I should start apres-ing with a glass of wine!

Q: Tram Club or P-Dog?

A: End Snowbird days at the P-Dog and Alta days at the Tram Club!

Q: If you could be on a reality TV show, which one would it be and why?

A: Naked and Afraid is literally my life everyday showering in my cold,scary basement.

Q: We know you have a lot up your sleeve- But if you had to pick ONE trick to pull for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Cork 7 Blunt — Shouts To Heffy!!

Q: It’s a powder day tomorrow – you rolling solo or calling the CRU?  If so, who’s in your dream pow day posse – alive, dead, even fictional if you want?

A: Calling in the Cru. We’re getting Tanner Hall to keep the vibes high, Matt Heffernan is coming back to send it with the boys, Walt Whitman to write about it cuz that shits gonna be poetic AF, and Snocru Team Manager Ryan Vincent to be the Hype Man!

Q: It’s all about the tunes out there- What’s on your favorite shred playlist?


Cover Photo Cred: Etienne Merel 

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