Eric Fabbri: Nosebutters to Nailguns

To call Eric Fabbri “the hardest working man in skiing” would be cliché but also very accurate.  Most skiers at his level are getting enough money from sponsors to ski their winters away while resting and rehabbing injury in their off time. Fabbri spends his days off working manual labor for his own contracting business, Wasatch Unlimited. His decision to work his ass off is one out of preparation for the future and not because of lack of opportunity elsewhere. He, unlike some others in his shoes, realize there is life after skiing and luck favors the prepared.  It ain’t easy balancing work with the Wasatch but Fabbri’s got it down.
We sat down with Fabs and talked everything from his Ice Coast roots to his favorite pocket snacks to his all-time shred playlist! Read on and learn more about this O.G Big Mountain Ripper!

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Q: So, you grew up skiing the Ice Coast…what was your favorite resort?

A: Well I grew up skiing Mohawk in CT, but my favorite was definitely Stowe Mountain Resort in VT.

Q: What do you miss about East Coast skiing?

A: The awesome tree skiing.

Q: What brought you out to Utah?

A: Snowbird.

Q: We know the Cottonwoods are great. But if you could live in any other ski destination where would it be and why?

A: Probably somewhere up north; either BC, Jackson, or Montana area. I love the mountains here but miss living in the woods.

Q: How would you describe your ski style and what/who has influenced it?

A: I’d like to consider my style as being a Big Mountain Jibber I guess. I like going as fast as I can and hit every feature on the mountain!  Growing up I always looked up to Candide, Tanner Hall, JP and the Canadian Airforce. Back in those O.G 1080 days!

Q: You’ve been in the ski industry for a bit.  What have you seen change?  Has your style of skiing changed since you started as a pro?

A: I’ve seen a lot of push with the social media program these days.  People use to ski a lot harder and go a lot bigger. It’s cool to see all these new tricks but triple corks are a little too gymnastic looking for my likes.  I guess I never really considered myself as being a pro, as long as I’m having fun I’m stoked to be out and hopefully my style has gotten better from ripping with the homies!

Q: What are your thoughts on the newest ski trends and the effect of social media on the sport?

A: Haaha, ya the social media game… Well it’s super rad to see people’s stuff but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.  Some people get too caught up in trying to advertise themselves and forget why they are actually skiing. To have fun right!?

Q: Skiing’s not your only business.  How did you get into construction and how do you like owning your own business?

A: I’ve been in the construction world my entire life. From carrying my dad’s tools as his go-for, being electrical apprentice and helping build stuff around the property, to running crews building decks and pergolas in Lehi.  Overall owning my own business has been great! It gets a little stressful at times like anything but it’s all worth it to be my own boss!!

PC: Cam Mcleod

OK Let’s Break It Down…

Q: If you could ski a day with any celebrity who would it be and why?

A: I don’t really care for celebrities too much but it’d be cool to spin some laps with my Grandpa who passed away when I was young.

Q: Favorite Apres Spot?

A: Tram Club to Peruvian Bar. It’s all about the combo package.

Q: Go-to pocket snack on the slopes?


Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen from the chairlift?

A: This guy back at Mohawk use to rip bumps while playing his guitar. He use to bust huge daffys while wailing the acoustic! Idk about weird but it was pretty sweet!!

Q: If you could choose an ultimate ski playlist, what songs would be on it?


Feature Image: Wray Sinclair

Fabbri:  Special Thanks to Snocru, Snowbird, Alta, Armada, Spy Optics, Dale Boots, 2nd Tracks/ Twin Peaks, Pret Helmets, Surefoot, Izm Apparel, WSD Custom Skis

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