DayMakers: A New Kind of Alpine Adapter

Why Adapters?

Backcountry riding is becoming more and more popular among a large variety of skiers and snowboarders.  People looking to skip the increasingly long lift lines and find the fresh snow.  This has created a demand for more versatile equipment with less emphasis on being light weight and more on downhill performance.  Alpine adapters in the past have been extremely unstable, inconsistent and well… they just break. Enter DayMaker Touring.

Daymakers have answered the call for any skier that wants to get off the beaten path.  These adaptors allow you to tour with your favorite alpine setup without drilling extra holes in your skis or adding pin adaptors to your boots.

The “Uphill” Battle

Daymakers entered the market in the wake of the Alpine Trekker which was one of the most infamous touring adaptors.  However the trekkers were wildly unreliable, heavy and inefficient dubbing them “Day Wrekkers”.  The combination of poor construction, weak linkages and lack of stability made it nightmare for anyone on a skin track that wasn’t straight and flat.  This created a lot of skepticism from backcountry enthusiasts who assumed any adaptor would perform the same….poorly.  

People were quickly proven wrong.  Daymaker has taken the flimsy parts and subpar engineering out of the equation and released a truly amazing touring adaptor.  

My Experience

Given the low tide we’ve had in Utah we’ve had a lot of chances to take these out for a walk and we have been nothing but impressed.

The Daymaker easily clicks into (almost) any binding as easy as stepping into your skis.  Put your boots in the adaptors and you’re ready to go.  The “4 Bar Tech” creates an ergonomic stride and added traction on steeper skin tracks by more evenly dispersing your area of friction underfoot.  When you’ve reached your destination you just pop them out, put them in your pack, rip those skins off and you’re skiing.  No complicated locking mechanics or extra parts.  Then the best part, skiing down on a full alpine setup.  

Although our touring group rides their pin bindings to the fullest, they immediately expressed their envy for the way I was able to ski down.

If you’re looking for the lightest, fastest way uphill then there is no substitute for a full touring setup.  If you’re looking for the best ride down possible or you just don’t want to spend the cash for an entire second setup (boots, skis and bindings) Daymakers are definitely for you.  

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