Coalatree: Eco-Minded Goods for the Style-Minded Adventurer

In today’s society it’s refreshing to see small-scale businesses base the production of it’s goods around sustainability.  Coalatree works hard to make quality, eco-friendly gear that you actually want to wear…everyday. They pride their apparel on the idea of the “MTN2CTY” lifestyle that emphasizes the freedom and ease of being ready for any adventure.   Based in Salt Lake City, their proximity to the Wasatch Range most certainly had an influence on their urban/outdoor approach. Coalatree goods are perfect for the 9-5er’ looking to get out of the office and go straight to baggin’ peaks.  Built for those who are on the move, this gear is designed to be packable, lightweight and functional. We had the opportunity to put a couple of their items to the test! Read on and find out more about the Trailhead Pant and Puffy Kachula Blanket.


The Trailhead Pant from Coalatree combines function, fit and style into one extremely diverse pair of pants.  The first thing you will notice when you put these on is the feel. These pants feature soft, stretchy material that doesn’t sacrifice durability.  They are ideal for climbing, hiking, biking or just wearing around.  One of our favorite features of these pants is the depth and variety of pockets. They sport front pockets that are deep enough to fit plenty without adding bulk and two rear pockets, one with velcro one without. This way you have the option to secure your gear or have it easily accessible.  The Trailhead is made with water-resistant material which stood up to the test.  Adding to these pants level of versatility are adjustable cuffs giving you the option to wear them at your knee instead of full length when you start heating up. All together these are a must-have pant for any outdoor adventurer who gives a damn about the environment.  Now available in slim or relaxed fit!


A warm camper is a happy camper and we have the perfect Fall accessory for you! The all-new Puffy Kachula is basically the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of blankets.  This piece of gear can be used as a blanket, puffy poncho, pillow, and even a light sleep sack!  The perfect accessory to throw in the back of your car until you need it. Guys- you know your ladies are always cold even if they don’t admit it.  Be a hero and keep her happy with the Puffy Kachula.  Take it anywhere including camping, boating or to the beach.  It features a water and spill resistant vapor-coated finish that will make liquids bead right off!

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