If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Ski It.

We’ve all been there at some point in our life – It’s an all-time powder day, the stoke level is high and you’re skiing harder than ever…and then all of a sudden your goggles fog up.  You try to keep powering through but you’re skiing blind and getting bucked.  I think we can all agree –  there’s nothing worse than being held back by your gear.

Let’s be real – not all goggles are created equal.  A good pair of specs may be the most overlooked part of your ski gear.  Many shredders have the misconception that they are all essentially the same and they purchase a pair blindly based on style, color or price.  We know you’re better than that! 

There are a number of different factors that you should take into account when searching for the ideal pair of goggles. First off, the overall goal is to find the perfect combination of style and performance. You gotta be fog-free and have a goggle that fits your face, but almost more importantly, we don’t want you sporting a 10-ft gaper gap…because Momma didn’t raise no Jerry. Some of the components that you need to factor in are the structure, lens variation/ease of transition, level of comfort and the ventilation technology. We tested out some of this year’s bests and laid it out for ya!


The I/O is new and improved this year with a wider field of view and equipped with Smith’s fresh Chromapop technology!  Peripheral vision is key on the slopes and these specs get it!  Not sure if the medium-sized structure will fit?  Smith introduced the new Responsive Fit design which allows it to flex and micro-adjust to unique-sized faces! If these goggles are still a little small for you, we would recommend testing out Smith’s I/OX’s which are designed for larger faces.  

Smith introduced their new Chromapop lenses this season which are designed to filter two specific wavelengths of light that can cause confusion in our vision.  This new technology allows you to see greater definition and enhances clarity regardless of weather conditions!  The I/O’s come with two lenses which can be interchangeable based on the light. As for ease of transition, they are not the quickest to change in comparison to some of the newest technology from other brands.


There are plenty of useless marketing gimmicks added to today’s goggles that try and separate them from the herd, but I have to say, the features added to Anons “M” line are far from gimmicks!  These goggles feature a magnetic lens which makes changing them out practically magic.  “Click” you’re ready to roll it’s really that easy.  I was concerned while wearing these that a crash would leave me lense-less and searching through the snow.  My concerns were quickly lifted when I tomahawked through some powder and popped up with goggles intact and secure on my face!

The other magnetic feature added to the “M” series are the facemasks.  Thats right, magnetic facemasks!  This works similar to the lenses.  All you have to do is hold the magnetic portion of the facemask to the goggle and boom your nose and mouth are covered from the elements  These work great and looked better, what else do you need?


It would be hard to find a more comfortable fitting goggle than Zeal’s new Voyager.  These goggles will fit snug to your face while providing a wide field of vision with their rimless lens.  Utilizing an Anti-Fog Infused Process these goggles will stay fog-free as you’re charging through the chowdah and working up a sweat! The Voyager is equipped with their Optimum Lens that can be utilized for any condition – take it out for anything from bluebird afternoons to bell to bell powder days!

The voyager is secured with a dual-strap system that lets you adjust and dial in the most comfortable fit! These goggles also come with a bonus low-light mirror lens for stormy days that can be changed out via an 8-point latch system. Similar to the I/O’s that we reviewed, these lenses are a little bit trickier to interchange. We recommend taking time to switch them out in the lodge or at home.

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