Brock Butterfield: Living the Bus Life Dream

Brock Butterfield is living the snowboarder’s dream – chasing storms around the continent in his 4X4 converted bus while making a living doing what he loves.  Brock was born in Idaho and transplanted to Salt Lake for school and more importantly – that champagne powder.  Inspired by the mountains and adventure he converted an old school bus into a powder-seeker!  Read on to find out where he’s been parked!

Q:  Hey Brock! It’s been a minute- how’s life?

A: Life and I have been chilling a lot lately. He’s good. I’ll tell him you asked about him.

Q: How is the Bus holding up?

A: Bruce the bus is currently running smooth! Normal vehicle maintenance here and there. Living in the bus for over two years chasing snow has really given me a new look on life.

Q: Have you been chasing powder? Or have you been parked at a certain resort?

A: Two summers ago I actually discovered a little town in the middle of the National Forest in Oregon called Oakridge. It’s becoming known for it’s world class mountain bike trails. I found property for super cheap (and there’s still more for cheap) so I decided to take the money I had been saving from not paying rent and invest in a “basecamp”. When I’m not chasing powder or adventures in the bus I’m in Oakridge working on the new place or having a pint of cask beer at our local Brewers Union. I even have a little ski resort with sick lines and no lift lines 20 minutes from Oakridge!

PC: Jeremiah Johnson

Q: What projects have you been working on this Season?

A: I had a few projects queued up this winter but they fell through due to funding. I sent most the season working with new photographers I’ve met here in Oregon and testing the SNOCRU Android App everywhere I’ve gone. I do have a few unique and fun ideas for projects next season that I’ll start putting planning this summer.

Q: Not gonna lie…your bus is pretty sick!  What inspired you to convert it into your home?

Thanks! I actually made a documentary about how the whole thing came to be and how I almost kicked the bucket in the hospital with a nasty battle with Ulcerative Collitis. Coming that close to death made me change my life in a completely different way.

Q: Have you added any upgrades to her recently?

A: Well, Bruce is a he because he’s 4×4 but no big upgrades. Just little ones like adding two more USB power ports in the front so I can charge more devices while driving. I do plan to design and build a frame for the solar panels that will easily allow me to tilt them on the roof when parked. In the winter the sun is lower on the horizon so the panels sitting flat now don’t get as much charge as they could if tilted.

Q: What are the biggest obstacles you face living on the road? How long do you plan on living the Bus Life?

A: Keeping my relationships with friends and family is the hardest part. Because I’m not stationary anymore I find it hard to keep up with friends and family because I’m not around to go grab a drink or join a BBQ. Forcing myself to work when I have to is a hard one too. Once you get that freedom of being on the road and not having much to pay for besides gas, food, cell phone and insurance, you get a large distaste for work. Call it lazy, call it being a hippie but it’s much more than that. It’s realizing that we has humans aren’t meant to spend our whole lives chasing money but rather should be chasing experiences and memories. Those last. Money is only temporary.

Q: It sounds like the perfect road-tripping vehicle! Where are you guys planning on driving this Summer?

My summers have been filled with exploration and adventure with no plan being the plan. I usually try to link up with others who have converted buses and I usually sit them down for an interview and video tour of their bus. It’s been fun and I like showing the world that anyone can live life on the road and be free if they take the leap. You can watch a few inspiring interviews of people living on the road here.

Q: How are the acoustics?  We want to hear your favorite playlist for the road!

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