Big Moves for SNOCRU…

Park City, UT – After a record-breaking low snow season here in Utah, SNOCRU Founder Ed Lewis – with a heavy heart – made the executive decision to move the headquarters back to his hometown, Boston.  His reason:

“I want to live where it snows and where we have a professional baseball team.  I’ve gone soft since I’ve moved to Utah. It’s time to get back to my roots on the Ice Coast”.  

Yea, New England can be wicked icy but it builds character right?  Screw the champagne powder – we need to get our true East Coast grit back.  Plus – Vermont has had a better season than we’ve had this year and it’s really grinding our gears.  We haven’t had a – 20 degree ski day in the 6 years we have been in Utah and it’s had a real detrimental effect on our disposition.  Lewis has gotten bored with the luxury and accessibility of the Wasatch, which is apparent by his recent lack of skiing. He wants to raise his young daughter on unforgiving bumps, variable conditions and fresh lobster rolls because “she’s not going to be no big mountain sissy”.

We took into consideration the lack of vertical Boston has to offer, however the ability to get a decent slice of pizza is too much to pass up.  Also, it’s all about urban skiing anyways. We are switching our focus to the urban skiing, where you will now be able to track your rails and wall rides throughout the city.  This opens up a whole new market for us and we are excited to announce some new features including a police scanner that notifies you when you are about to get busted. The new “Wicked Pissa” Season Pass will now have the capability to mark your vehicle so you can remember where you “pahked yah cah”. Enjoy new roadtrip features including tracking your weekend commute up to the mountains where you can earn badges for longest drive and most corny, dad-rock songs played.   

Tom Brady has officially signed on as our newest pro rider and he submitted an amazing clip of him sending the big jump at the X-games last year…


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