Are You the King of the Mountain?


Do you thrive on challenges?  Do you hate to be outdone? Sounds like you are in the market for a little friendly competition! Skiing with friends is not only more FUN but it fuels an environment that motivates each other to go their hardest and ski their best! You’re in luck, pushing each other to the limit on the slopes has never been easier – Get out your SNOCRU App to put your ego to the test!

Setup a DAYCRU Challenge to track alongside your friends, challenge each other to ski/ride the most vertical feet, hit the fastest speeds and ski or snowboard the most runs all in one day on the slopes. 


  1. Add your friends to your Cru!

  2. Create your DAYCRU Challenge!

  3. Invite your friends, choose your resort/date, and post a fun group photo!

  4. Start your challenge and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

At the end of the day check your stats and see who is the real King of the Mountain!

Spread Your Stoke With SNOCRU! 

We think the World needs a bit more STOKE…don’t you?! If you know what it means to be stoked, you know you owe it to the universe to share it! Do your part and share your tracks with customizable pictures from your day!

Remember, If you didn’t post it…it didn’t happen! Don’t let your amazing days go unrecognized…share your stoke and inspire others to get out to the mountains and push themselves!

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