6 Reasons You Should Ski Snowbird this Spring!

While most resorts in Utah are closing this week, spring skiing is just starting to heat up at the Bird!  Most people are packing away their ski gear and dusting off there mountain bikes but there are still many good days to be had in LCC.  Are you not over it? Get yourself a Spring Pass and ski Snowbird well into May!

1. It’s Still Open.

Snowbird boasts the longest ski season in Utah, so take advantage.  You can ski great spring conditions all the way to Memorial Day! Daily operations til at least May 6th then open weekend for as long as the conditions allow.

2. Spring Pass Deals

Plan ahead and buy a discounted Spring Pass starting March 1st!

3. Hit the Natural Pond Skim!

Pond Skimmage at @snowbird 💦💦💦 @wonkabird #snocrumilitia

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Make your way down the front side and enjoy a natural pond skim on Andersons.  Catch enough speed and see if you can make it all the way across!

4. Send the Wave and Rip a Chips!

Ski the wave – a classic feature off of Little Cloud.  Then take a cruiser down Chips run who’s switchbacking cat tracks turns it into a natural terrain park!

5. April Pow!

PC: John Howland

Don’t put your pow sticks away yet! While most days in the Spring should be bluebird, the Cottonwoods will get at least a few more sleeper powder days!   

6. Music on the Tram Deck.

Enjoy free music on the Tram Deck Friday-Sunday throughout the Spring!  Pro-Tip: Grab some PBRs from the convenient store below the tram deck and save some change.

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