5 Best Mud Season Getaways of 2019

Winter is coming to a close across North America but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end!  If you live in a ski town or in the mountains you know that the mud season can be a bit tough.  The resorts have closed, there’s too much snow or mud to bike or hike and the once bustlin’ Main Street has turned into a ghost town.  Don’t let the shoulder season get you down – pack your bags and get out of town! While I’m a firm believer that any time is the right time for a trip, there’s no better time than now.  If you work a seasonal job at the resort or in town, you most likely have some time off and saved up some dough from the busy season. Whether it’s just for a weekend or for the whole month of May, now’s the time to pull the trigger on a getaway.  Check out some of our favorite mud season destinations because after all, life’s too short to not treat yo’ self.



As soon as the resorts close in the West, skiers will be dusting off their mountain bikes and heading South to the desert.  The month of May really is primetime in Southern Utah. Get your activities in during the Spring to avoid the Summer heat and crowds!  The possibilities are endless once you start roadtripping. Make sure to explore some slot canyons in Escalante, hike the Narrows in Zion, bike the Whole Enchilada in Moab or even rent a house boat on Lake Powell!



Get your fiestas and siestas in this Spring in good ol’ Mexico!  It is super affordable to travel so treat yourself to some luxury accommodations or beachside cabanas.  Hit some waves on the Pacific Coast and stay in the surf town of Sayulita! Head to the East Coast and go get some R&R on the serene beaches of Tulum.  Whichever coast you choose – grab your buds, pack your party pants and get ready for some tacos!



The time is now to get off the grid and adventure overseas!  May I suggest a trip to Southeast Asia? Pack everything you need into a backpack and hit up Thailand, Vietnam and/or Cambodia.  Spend your days relaxing on the beach or venture up North to the mountains!  Adventures are endless across the pacific with trails to be trekked, temples to be scoped, jungles to be zip lined and beaches to be explored.  P.S: Don’t miss one of their famed full moon parties!



For those of you who aren’t over it, keep the shred alive at one of the open resorts out West.  Many ski areas keep their lifts spinning well into June or July and it’s time to take advantage.  Make sure to stop by Snowbird and enjoy the longest season in Utah with the natural pond skim and the wave.  Then head out to California and ski Mammoth or Squaw for some corn skiing and good times!




With flights to the Hawaiin Islands being as affordable as ever, now is the time to finally go explore this tropical paradise!  These islands have something for everyone whether you want to just relax by the beach or go on a backpacking trip. Head to Kauai to get a little off the grid!  Be sure to go for a ride along the Napali Coast and hike around Waimea Canyon. Exploring Maui is another must-do while you are down there – Take a cruise down the Road to Hana and catch some waves at some of the best beaches in the world!

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