4 Preseason Training Essentials for Skiers & Snowboarders

Sure, you work out. But, that’s just one of the preseason training essentials for skiers and snowboarders. Those cliffs aren’t going to huck themselves. 

Your powder days depend on more than what you do in the gym. You also need to get your head straight and party muscles in shape.

If you don’t want to hide in the lodge with the 5-year-olds because your legs are tired after 30 minutes of deep powder, you’d better get started now.

Hit The Gym

We can all find time for more leg days.

It’s time to tune up your core, get your cardio on,  and strengthen your legs with squats and lunges. But, don’t follow everyone else and neglect the most important part of your body—your feet.

To get an edge in the gym, use Pedestal Footwear to strengthen your legs from the ground up and turn into a savage on powder days. You can get 15% off Pedestal Footwear when you enter “snocru” at checkout.

Take an Avy Course

This is the best brain training any skier or snowboarder can do before the snow flies. Whether you’re planning on going full backcountry this year or just want to start exploring, it’s worth it.

You’ll learn how to be safe in the mountains and meet people to join your CRU.

Find courses from Vermont to California at the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education website.

Train Your Liver

PBRs, shot skis, and fireball are in you future.

If you like to party while you ski or snowboard, you better make sure your liver is ready to go.

After you’re done at the gym or running up a mountain to train, head out for a night of shenanigans. Alcohol at higher altitudes sneaks up on you so you need to be in your best form.

Practice Yoga

Sure, yoga will help you limber up, but it also strengthens your whole body. Did you see that handstand?

If you practice once a week, you’ll improve your balance and reduce your stress response—making it easier to find your zen on the mountain.

It’s not just for women and it’s more challenging than you think.

Think You Can Hang?

preseason training

If you’re ready to step up, download SNOCRU and challenge your friends on the mountain.

Download SNOCRU & Show Us What You Got

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