4 Electrolyte-Infused Brews to Take on Your Next Adventure

Beer that’s basically boozy Gatorade? Now that’s something we can get behind.  While the idea of a post-workout beer has long been speculated between athletes and sports nutritionists, there’s really nothing better than a cold brew after a hearty sweat.  Believe it or not, drinking a beer can have some nutritional value from antioxidants, B vitamins, electrolytes and carbohydrates. All of these attributes can play a beneficial role in recovery by balancing fluids and replenishing energy.  Yet the alcohol in beer can cause dehydration and impair blood flow and protein utilization. That’s why a handful of craft breweries have taken it upon themselves to create a guilt-free beer for you to enjoy after hiking a 14’er, running a 5k or crushing your rec. league kickball game!  These new low-alcohol “wellness beers” are infused with electrolytes and a combination of minerals that will help your body recover after a workout. Here’s to toasting your new PR with one of these thirst-quenching brews!



All ZēLUS Beer contains Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium which all help the body recover from a workout.  The Race Pace is a hybrid beer that combines a classic English Mild recipe with the heavy-handed dry hopping of a New England IPA. Take a load off and grab one of these easy drinking beers!

Details: Alc. 4.7% // IBUs 20



Harpoon’s Rec. League is a hazy pale ale that is brewed with a blend of healthy – and delicious – ingredients! It is bursting with citrusy hop flavor with notes of grapefruit, orange, mango, & papaya. Plus it’s only 120 calories.

Details: 3.8% ABV // 35 IBU



Designed for those who get after it, the Go Play IPA is the perfect brew for any sweaty endeavor.  It sports juicy, tropical, and dank aromas, fueled by dry-hop additions of Vic Secret, Idaho 7, and Simcoe hops. Better yet, sodium and potassium help activate this motivated, lively India Pale Ale.

Details: 5.5% ABV // 37 IBU



WILL SWEAT FOR BEER – The FKS (Fastest Known Time) gives you the flavor and richness you deserve, with an edge. Brewed with salt and black currant, these outstanding ingredients kick up the flavor.

“The FKT was born to break records and is inspired by that finish line moment. That moment where you’re spent, still ailing, doubled over or already on your way down to the ground. You lie on your back, look up at the sky, and revel in what you’ve just accomplished. Your thirst must be quenched — black currant and salt are the perfect additions to that tang and quench, all while giving you a delicious brew worthy of your post-sweat celebration.”

Details: 5.5% ABV // 40.5 IBU

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