10 Must-Have Upgrades to Complete your Ski or Snowboard Kit!

It’s halfway through the Winter which means it’s time to start assessing what you need to upgrade in your kit.  Now, don’t get me wrong – your kit is cool…but it could be way cooler. Let’s start by asking yourself some critical questions.  Is your butt getting soggy due to deteriorating Goretex on wet, stormy days? Are you perpetually jealous of your friends bibs but haven’t pulled the trigger on a pair of your own?  Is this the year that you finally hand in your tough guy card and install boot heaters? Has your helmet been doinked one too many times? Are you sick of manhandling your lenses off your goggles when it could be as easy as connecting a magnet?  Well, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite upgrades to add to your setup. There’s a lot of snow left to ski, don’t wait until next year!

Trew Gear Chariot Bibs

Upgrading to a pair of bibs may be the best decision you could make for your ski or snowboard setup.  After sporting the Trew Gear Chariot Bibs for over 2 months, I will never go back to regular snow pants.  I have been searching for the right pair for a couple seasons now and have finally found the perfect fit! The Chariots are reinforced with 3L Dermizax® fabric that allows you to keep going on the wettest of days.  Built for the ladies who charge hard, these bibs will not disappoint from bell to bell. My favorite feature is the fully functional butt flap zipper! Perfect for powder days when you want to be in and out.

Flylow Maine Line Gloves

A quality pair of gloves is an imperative part of your kit!  Remember – happy hands = happy skier. Do you love the warmth of mittens but need the dexterity of a glove?  Well we have the glove for you – Flylow’s Maine Line Glove. This crossover allows you to adjust your boots or point out lines without having to take your gloves off in extreme weather.  They are made with pre-treated, waterproof pigskin plus comes with an additional waterproofing wax to apply for extra reinforcement. If you want a functional glove that sometimes keeps your hands even too hot…the Maine Line is for you!

Zeal Optics Hatchet Goggle

Do yourself a favor, don’t be held back by your gear this Winter. Treat yourself to a quality pair of goggles! The technology in goggles has been steadily improving over the past few years and Zeal Optics has been at the forefront. The Hatchet sports their Rail Lock System technology that allows users to effortlessly change out lenses on the fly! With a sleek new frame this goggle lets you to guide, slide and lock your lens in place vertically. The Hatchet is available in Optimum, Optimum Polarized and Optimum Polarized Automatic Plus lens collections, plus every pair packs a bonus Optimum Sky Blue Mirror lens for storm days.

Pret Helmets

Remember #Helmetsarecool, so protect your brain and look good while doing it with a Pret Helmet.  This company continues to manufacture amazing, life saving products with the best MIPS technology available while refusing to sacrifice style.  If it doesn’t look and feel good, odds are, you’re not going to wear it. That’s exactly why Pret helmets have a low profile design as well as being extremely lightweight. This along with some awesome extras like a magnetic buckle and an adjustable fit system that always makes sure you’re dialed in before you drop in!

Daymakers Alpine Touring Adapter

As lift lines continue to grow and multi-resort passes make skiing more accessible than ever, some of us are left wondering how to avoid the crowds and find solitude in the mountains.  The Daymaker Touring Adapter is your answer. These incredibly sturdy adaptors turn your resort set up into a touring setup without going through the hassle or expense of buying two of everything (ski, boots, bindings).  Daymakers click into any standard alpine binding and allow you to charge uphill to find your new favorite zone. Although only having one setup and ease of use are awesome bonuses of the Daymakers, their real beauty comes from when you are done using them.  Get to the top of your line throw your Daymakers in your pack and your ready to ski…on a real binding – no pins, no plates. Enjoy your full performance, standard release bindings because really, it’s all about the ride down.

Sidas Boot Heaters

As we see more and more pro skiers and snowboarders reaching for their boot heaters, it left us wondering, “maybe we’re missing something”.  We were. The stigma around boot heaters being too fragile or somewhat of a kooky accessory has kept a lot of people from trying them for years.  We can now say first hand, “You ARE missing out”. If you get cold toes, these really are a no brainer. Easily installed at your local shop, these heaters work with your current liners, footbeds and shells.  Three levels of heat let you regulate your temp so you get to ski from bell to bell without taking a defrost break.

Smartwool Socks

There are a lot of options out there for ski and snowboard socks but in our mind their is only one worthy choice, Smartwool. These long standing staples in the industry have not rested on their laurels or stopped improving one bit over the years.  They continue to make extremely high quality merino wool socks with cushioning options for everyone out there. If you don’t have a pair go get some asap, if you do – get some more, you deserve it.   

Intuition Liners

The battle with boots is never ending. Intuition liners can be your secret weapon. They have options for every type of skier or boarder but several things stay consistent across all their offerings. The heat moldable Intuition liners allow you a precision fit to keep you locked in and charging all day. They also have incredible heat retention, pair these with some heaters and you’ll never have cold toes again. Boots are the most important piece of equipment you bring with you to the mountain and unfortunately, many companies put extremely poor quality liners in their boots. Step up your performance and comfort with some Intuition liners and kick your boot problems for good.

Armada Midlayers

Outerwear doesn’t mean jack if you aren’t layered up right.  That $600 GoreTex jacket is awesome to keep you dry but what’s keeping you warm without breaking the bank?  As usual Armada has you covered. One of our favorite brands, Armada skis offers a ton of mens and womens layering options for affordable prices.  We picked one of our favorites from the mens and womens line and put it to the test.  The Men’s Bryce Insulated Shirt is extremely lightweight and unbelievably versatile piece of gear.  It works great as a lightweight layering piece for colder days or as a top layer in the spring.  This piece is hands down, the most stylish layering option on the market while still providing the warmth and weight of a much more expensive garment.  The Women’s Solstice Insulator is just as versatile as it’s men’s counterpart.  This lightweight puffy jacket is the perfect piece of layering to add under your shell while being fashionable enough to sport out on the town!  It is ideal for making your way up the skin track when your shell holds in too much warmth!

Seirus Escape Mitts

Do you find yourself taking your hands out of your gloves throughout the day to use your smart phone?  Well now you can use your SNOCRU app from the comfort of your liners with the Seirus Escape Mitt! This mitt has a SoundTouch liner, so cell phones can be accessed without having to expose your hands. The Escape also, features a Heatwave liner attached in the mitt and with the side zipper, the whole liner can come out for dexterity, cooling, and easy adjustments.  This sleek, premium leather glove will undoubtedly, keep your hands dry and warm throughout the day!

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