10 Best Pocket Snacks to Have on the Mountain!

Let’s be real – a quality pocket snack can make or break your ski day.  You don’t want to be held back by your “h-angry” attitude and you’re not about to buy a sub-par $25 sandwich from the lodge.  Save your pennies and skip the lunch rush – pack your snack of choice and ski all day!  Everyone has their own treat of choice, but we combined a list of some of our favorites to give you some snack-spiration.  Trust us – a better snacker is a better skier.


I don’t know if there is a more beloved pocket snack than a ziplock full of crispy bacon!  Sometimes your morning bacon with eggs just isn’t enough.  Fry up the rest of package and bring it with you to the mountain!


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What’s not to love? Grab a couple slices of your leftover ‘za and hit the slopes!


Where are my caffeine addicts at?  If you are anything like me – you need a good ol’ cup of joe to get you going.  But sometimes there just isn’t enough time to brew a pot before first chair.  Our prayers have been answered with a quality instant coffee packet : Stoked Stix!  Designed for adventurous souls on the go – these stix are perfect for the slopes.  Just mix in with hot water from the lodge and take with you on the lift!


Image: Traeger Grills

Keep some protein in your pocket and pack some beef jerky.  Guaranteed to make you the MVP of the chairlift!


Sometimes all we need is a little sugar rush.  Feeling fatigued?  Get a handful of gummies and call it a day!


Stop by your local cafe or deli and snag a burrito on the way to the lift.  Eat half on the way up and wrap up the other half for later.  Tip: ask for extra tinfoil because you could get a juicy one!


Image: Bon Appetit

Leave the granola bars at home and get more creative!  Baked potatoes are all the rage these days on the slopes.  Heat one up, fill it with your prefered toppings, wrap it up with tinfoil and enjoy a hand warmer until you eat it!


Image: Ecobnb

Want a healthy snack to refuel on the lift?  Pack up an orange and get your Vitamin C!


It’s true – “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.  Pack yourself a peanut and chocolate filled Snickers bar for the slopes.  You will be glad you did.

10. BEER

Beer and Skiing. Name a more iconic duo…I’ll wait.

*Please Drink Responsibly

What did we miss? Share your snack-spiration with us!

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